Bellydance Practice Videos

Queenie’s online belly dance classes are also available as downloadable video’s! You can use these whenever and wherever you want to quickly improve your dancing skills!

These classes are chock-full of belly dance inspiration to infuse in your own dancing.

I guess every dancer sometimes has those intense brainstorming sessions in solo, asking herself existential questions about her undefined dance style and well-established defaults… I decided to adress my owns by trying private classes with the teacher whose strenghts were my weaknesses: the class and elegant Queenie! I did not expect that experience to be so addictive… Queenie shares her love and passion for bellydance so easily that even the most shy dancer feels comfortable and learns quickly. By creating an encouraging atmosphere, she gives me the willing to work and to improve my dance skills… and I would like to thank her for that!!!!!

Coralie (BE)

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