Belly dance workshops with Queenie: 13th May

Queenie Day

13th May is Queenie Day! Enjoy a full day of dance fun with 3 inspiring belly dance workshops!

The program:

10h30-12h: Bellydance Practice Flow
We start the day with Queenie’s dance practice flow to inspire your body and your mind! A good warm-up with some strengthening exercises, a fun dance session and a cooldown with lovely stretches. All kinds of bellydance moves will be covered (strong as well as subtle hip moves, arms, travelling steps,…) along with many tips and tricks to use in your own dance.

12h45-14h45: Veil technique and combinations
This workshop is all about silk! We explore different veil techniques on how to handle the soft and flowing fabric  to beautifully enhance arm patterns and turns.  We then use these techniques in dance combinations. Bring a rectangular silk veil!

15h-17h: Bellydance Musicality
Bellydance is not a solo dance… we always have music and rhythm as our dance partner. In this class, Queenie shares her ideas and ways to harmoniously dance with the music – without being overwhelmed by the richness of Middle Eastern music traditions. Not to be missed!

Cultuurzaal Den Elzas, Elzasstraat 19, 3040 Huldenberg (BE)

Flow: €15
Veil OR Musicality: €35
Flow + Veil OR Musicality: €45
Veil + Musicality: €60

Full day: €70

Enroll via the form below on Friday 4th May at the latest. You will receive a confirmation email with all payment details (bank or Paypal). Your enrollment will only be registered after receipt of your payment. 

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