Bellydancer Queenie is an international performer, instructor and coach, based in Belgium. Her style ranges from soft and elegant to dynamic and powerful, smoothly transitioning between moods and rhythms, always revealing her musicality in dance.

Driven by sharing her love and passion for the music, the dance, the art, she is an enthusiastic, motivating and generous teacher and coach. She has won several awards, including JoY Rising Star and Bellydancer of the World.

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 Queenie Rocks – Hosting Queenie for my bellydance weekend was the best thing i could have done – students were flocking to her workshops and are begging me to book her again! (which i will) Queenies workshops are not only fun and energising but from the first few moments into the workshop (hairy combos) i felt an instant step up to the next level in my dancing.

Chloe Dent (UK)