Bellydance Practice Videos

Queenie’s online belly dance classes are also available as downloadable video’s! You can use these whenever and wherever you want to quickly improve your dancing skills!

These classes are chock-full of belly dance inspiration to infuse in your own dancing.

I’ve been taking Belly Dance lessons with Queenie for 6 (or is it 7?) years and I love it!  As a middle aged lady of generous proportions I’m sure the lessons have helped to keep my joints supple and my body (and brain) moving.  Over the years I have seen that belly dancing is for everyone, no matter what age, size or ability.  Queenie provides a happy atmosphere in which to work and the lessons cover all aspects of the art of belly dance – I particularly like the stick work (even if I drop it from time to time!).  It’s amazing what putting on a scarf covered in tinkling coins and beads can do for the confidence when once you get your shimmy going.  Queenie really is a star on stage and as a teacher.  Thank you Queenie!

Bridget Peirson-Davis (UK)

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