Video 1003: travelling hip drop, elegant leg work, khaleegy combination

We start the class with a follow-along warm-up to an oriental magency. Then we go into a little drill to practice hip and chest circles and figure eights. After this we practice smooth, sharp, slow and fast in one combination. We also work on traveling hip drop kicks, a cool way to move around your dance space.
Next is a combination with elegant leg work – make sure to point those toes! – as well as a combination with the jewel move, the 3D figure 8, a shimmy, a turn, and more. Last but certainly not least, we have some khaleegy fun with groovy steps and a hairy combination!

Video 1002: shimmy slide, belly pop, hip circles and jewel, masmoudi rhythm

We start the class with a follow-along dancing warmup and a short shimmy practice. Next, we work on a sideways travelling step with a 3/4 shimmy. We then use the stap in a combination which also has some sharp isolations.
The following sequence works with shimmy slides, Suheir Zaki hip downs and belly pops.
The next chapter is all about smoothness! We practice multidimensional hip work with horizontal hip circles, jewels and upward figure eights.
Last but not least, we practice a rhythm combination to both the masmoudi kebir and the masmoudi saghir rhythms. The big one and the small one :) Happy dancing!

You will get a link to the video file (ending in mp4). Make sure to right click the link in order to download and save the video to your computer.