I guess every dancer sometimes has those intense brainstorming sessions in solo, asking herself existential questions about her undefined dance style and well-established defaults…

I decided to adress my owns by trying private classes with the teacher whose strenghts were my weaknesses: the class and elegant Queenie! I did not expect that experience to be so addictive…

Queenie shares her love and passion for bellydance so easily that even the most shy dancer feels comfortable and learns quickly. By creating an encouraging atmosphere, she gives me the willing to work and to improve my dance skills… and I would like to thank her for that!!!!!

Queenie offers private tuition and coaching in her own studio, on any location of your choice, or online via video/Skype/Facetime.

Private classes/Coaching

Because of the possibility to choose your own class topics, and the permanent exchange during sessions, this is an intensive program, allowing you to progress quickly. Suitable for all levels!

Queenie personalizes each lesson based on your own goals and the concepts you want to work on. This way, you constantly receive relevant feedback. You can go for any subject: dance technique, choreography, different bellydance styles, performance advice, working on stage presence, evaluation, training,…

You can choose for one or more independent sessions, or you can opt for a coaching plan during a certain period. In this case we work together to reach your goals, such as the creation of a choreography, the preparation of a performance, the participation in a competition,… providing you with the motivation and the self-confidence to take on new challenges!

Semi-private classes

Semi-private classes are sessions with small groups – up to 6 participants – guaranteeing personal feedback for each dancer. In this plan, you are able to request your own topics. Queenie then creates a class based on these questions.

The fee is degressive, so the more participants, the more profitable the rate. This way, small groups can schedule their own class series.

Feel free to get in touch via queenie@belly-dance.be for more information, without any obligation.

Danspiration Chats / Coach Chats

Consider Danspiration Chats: these are short, result-oriented sessions for all your dance questions. During these, Queenie offers her advice about any dance related subject.

Useful when you’re stuck in a rut and when you can use a little extra motivation, but technique or choreography can be discussed as well. Quick and effective, without traveling to the studio!

Short discussions like these may bring you an entirely different viewpoint on matters, or inspire you with new insights or solutions.

Interested? Let us know by email, Queenie is happy to send you more information without any obligation.