Testimonials: Queenie’s online classes

I love that you put so much information into each and every class. I have enough to work on all week. Looking forward to the next class! Thanks!!


Your classes are like candy to me...so fun and so informative and inspiring...I am hooked. Thank you for all of your amazing classes.


Your style of teaching matches my style of learning…the way you seamlessly intertwine each new concept or technique. The flow, ease and grace you show by example! And, you teach arm flow with everything. Yay!!! With you, it's not learning…it's just inspirational fun. Thank you.


Loved loved loved the smooth and slow combos today! I felt beautiful and not stiff at all! Yay! Thank you!


The best teacher! She is careful about every detail both for group lessons and private ones.

Antonella (IT)

I loved every minute !!


Loved the breakdown of the rhythm and how to use it, thanks again for an awesome class! I so look forward to your classes every week!


Heel leuk om zoveel te zien in 1 les, geeft veel kansen om te oefenen!


This was my first class on PowHow and I absolutely loved it! Queenie is fantastic - the class was packed with elements, each broken down and then layered to construct beautiful choreography phrases. Thank you for welcoming me and for offering this fun, challenging class that I can't wait to join again!


"Wow! I never knew there are so many 3/4 accents! Thank you Queenie for an awesome class!"

Nevena (DE)

Fantastic and fun combos! Awesome drills too. The class is super fun while still challenging, I'll definitely keep coming back every week!

Kesavah (CA)

Super les gehad vanavond via powhow met Queenie !!

Anja (BE)

Loved it! And it's very easy to sign up!! If I can do it, everybody can :)

Katleen (BE)

I really enjoy your classes! They have a nice flow and fun combinations and drills!

Soraya (BE)

I really enjoyed dancing with you on a rainy Saturday! And the best thing is the pause button (when your mother calls, your son's movie ends, your daughter wakes up,... but I finished it and loved it! Nice way to practice at any convenient time. I will definitely be back ;-)

Nele (BE)

Hard work but I loved it! Touched on a bunch of things I've wanted to work on, and I loved how it all came together at the end! Excellent class as always!

Sarah (CA)

Fast and fun!!! :-)

Anja (BE)

It rocked! Thanks again for a lovely practice session :)

Khalida (DE)

This class was exactly what I was looking for, full of dynamic combos, perfect for practice. I'll definitely be back again! Thank you!

Sarah (CA)