Lees hier wat mensen zeggen over Queenie…. 

I love that you put so much information into each and every class. I have enough to work on all week. Looking forward to the next class! Thanks!!


Your classes are like candy to fun and so informative and inspiring...I am hooked. Thank you for all of your amazing classes.


Your style of teaching matches my style of learning…the way you seamlessly intertwine each new concept or technique. The flow, ease and grace you show by example! And, you teach arm flow with everything. Yay!!! With you, it's not learning…it's just inspirational fun. Thank you.


Loved loved loved the smooth and slow combos today! I felt beautiful and not stiff at all! Yay! Thank you!


The best teacher! She is careful about every detail both for group lessons and private ones.

Antonella (IT)

I loved every minute !!


Loved the breakdown of the rhythm and how to use it, thanks again for an awesome class! I so look forward to your classes every week!


Heel leuk om zoveel te zien in 1 les, geeft veel kansen om te oefenen!


This was my first online class and I absolutely loved it! Queenie is fantastic - the class was packed with elements, each broken down and then layered to construct beautiful choreography phrases. Thank you for welcoming me and for offering this fun, challenging class that I can't wait to join again!


Thank you very much for your patience during the workshop - it would have been difficult to learn the whole choreography in 2 hours but to learn the technique and transitions made for a great workshop.

Sue (UK)

"Wow! I never knew there are so many 3/4 accents! Thank you Queenie for an awesome class!"

Nevena (DE)

Fantastic and fun combos! Awesome drills too. The class is super fun while still challenging, I'll definitely keep coming back every week!

Kesavah (CA)

Super online les gehad vanavond met Queenie !!

Anja (BE)

Loved it! And it's very easy to sign up!! If I can do it, everybody can :)

Katleen (BE)

I really enjoy your classes! They have a nice flow and fun combinations and drills!

Soraya (BE)

I really enjoyed dancing with you on a rainy Saturday! And the best thing is the pause button (when your mother calls, your son's movie ends, your daughter wakes up,... but I finished it and loved it! Nice way to practice at any convenient time. I will definitely be back ;-)

Nele (BE)

Hard work but I loved it! Touched on a bunch of things I've wanted to work on, and I loved how it all came together at the end! Excellent class as always!

Sarah (CA)

Fast and fun!!! :-)

Anja (BE)

It rocked! Thanks again for a lovely practice session :)

Khalida (DE)

This class was exactly what I was looking for, full of dynamic combos, perfect for practice. I'll definitely be back again! Thank you!

Sarah (CA)

super geamuseerd en kei veel bijgeleerd @ Queenie Day en super veel zin om kei hard te oefenen!!!

Kim V. (BE)

Queenie is a wonderful instructor. She is fun and full of energy.

Jimmie (BE)

Queenie Rocks – Hosting Queenie for my bellydance weekend was the best thing i could have done – students were flocking to her workshops and are begging me to book her again! (which i will) Queenies workshops are not only fun and energising but from the first few moments into the workshop (hairy combos) i felt an instant step up to the next level in my dancing.

Chloe Dent (UK)

Chère Queenie, j’aimerais juste te (re)dire que tu es à la fois une belle personne et une magnifique danseuse pour laquelle j’ai beaucoup d’admiration et de sympathie.

C’est toujours un immense joie de te voir danser car chacune de tes prestations est une démonstration de classe et de grâce. Tout simplement merci pour le plaisir que tu me procures à chaque fois.

Zahra (BE)

I’ve been taking Belly Dance lessons with Queenie for 6 (or is it 7?) years and I love it!  As a middle aged lady of generous proportions I’m sure the lessons have helped to keep my joints supple and my body (and brain) moving.  Over the years I have seen that belly dancing is for everyone, no matter what age, size or ability.  Queenie provides a happy atmosphere in which to work and the lessons cover all aspects of the art of belly dance – I particularly like the stick work (even if I drop it from time to time!).  It’s amazing what putting on a scarf covered in tinkling coins and beads can do for the confidence when once you get your shimmy going.  Queenie really is a star on stage and as a teacher.  Thank you Queenie!

Bridget Peirson-Davis (UK)

Queenie, a wonderful dancer: elegant and powerful, feminine and sensual. I danced together with her and followed a few workshops, she’s as passionate in teaching as she is in dancing.
Every time I see her, I feel inspired and motivated to dance even more. And as a person, she’s a lovely lady, genuine and sweet.

Chadia (BE)

Queenie is not just a dancer, she’s an amazing dancer.
The moment she enters the stage, you just have to watch her.
She’s not only dancing on te music, she feels it, she becomes the music…
It’s like her feet don’t touch the floor, she’s flying… like a little fairy…
Every time again, she inspires me to work harder, she’s learning me to trust myself and to believe in myself (not an easy job)
For me… she’s the biggest example of all….

Katleen (BE)

Queenie is a beautiful, inspiring dancer and a generous teacher, and a very sweet person to boot! I get swept away every single time I see her perform, her elegant, musical, yet strong and feminine dance style is really unique and her classes and workshops are filled with knowledge, skill and humor. If you get the chance to study with her or see her perform, don’t hesitate!!! I am sure she will steal your heart as she did mine :)

Khalida (BE/DE)

Such beauty, power and elegance! And a wonderful person to boot! I love to see Queenie dance.

Nephele (BE)

I have known Queenie for quite a while now and because she is so very passionated en talented I wanted to introduce her to my students in The Netherlands so they could also meet this amazing and sweet lady. It was a great day and all of the students were totally impressed. Also the beginners were blown away and still managed to keep up because of her teaching skills. Queenie, a charming and gracefull dancer who is quickly becoming a well known star (that she is)!

Majidah (NL)

I guess every dancer sometimes has those intense brainstorming sessions in solo, asking herself existential questions about her undefined dance style and well-established defaults… I decided to adress my owns by trying private classes with the teacher whose strenghts were my weaknesses: the class and elegant Queenie! I did not expect that experience to be so addictive… Queenie shares her love and passion for bellydance so easily that even the most shy dancer feels comfortable and learns quickly. By creating an encouraging atmosphere, she gives me the willing to work and to improve my dance skills… and I would like to thank her for that!!!!!

Coralie (BE)

“Stilte... het licht gaat aan... de muziek begint... een silhouet op het podium... een bries... een vleugje parfum... zoveel elegantie... zoveel kracht... één betovering… ik hou m’n adem in... een warme glimlach krult m’n lippen en maakt me blij.
Zo zag ik Queenie voor de eerste keer, en telkens weer, en nog steeds..”
Dank je mooie danseres voor zoveel schoonheid en inspiratie.

Amirah (BE)